Saturday, May 19, 2012

On the importance of having tea and cake....

Diary of a writer - 4

I had a revelation....a big one...potentially a huge one!!! As I am writing and writing and illustrating and doing little doodles; I am munching cake, cookies, biscuits, the odd cup of coffee here and there.

Is this part of my creative process? Do I need sugar and caffeine to get imaginative, creative and humorous? After a lot of thought I had yet another revelation...a big one again! If I look back to my childhood years and think of all the times that I remember having fun with my grannies, parents, aunties etc; all these situations involve eating cake and drinking hot chocolates.

Phew, i don't need the sugar and the caffeine to be creative! I just need them to transport me to my happy childhood memories. So I have gone to the supermarket and I am baking three cakes today because I totally need to be transported again by tomorrow. I have a creative deadline, you see? All in the name of creativity!!!!!

PS: These are my crazy grandmother's friends with whom i shared a bedroom many many times

Victoria M. Azaro

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