Saturday, May 19, 2012

On the importance of having tea and cake....

Diary of a writer - 4

I had a revelation....a big one...potentially a huge one!!! As I am writing and writing and illustrating and doing little doodles; I am munching cake, cookies, biscuits, the odd cup of coffee here and there.

Is this part of my creative process? Do I need sugar and caffeine to get imaginative, creative and humorous? After a lot of thought I had yet another revelation...a big one again! If I look back to my childhood years and think of all the times that I remember having fun with my grannies, parents, aunties etc; all these situations involve eating cake and drinking hot chocolates.

Phew, i don't need the sugar and the caffeine to be creative! I just need them to transport me to my happy childhood memories. So I have gone to the supermarket and I am baking three cakes today because I totally need to be transported again by tomorrow. I have a creative deadline, you see? All in the name of creativity!!!!!

PS: These are my crazy grandmother's friends with whom i shared a bedroom many many times

Victoria M. Azaro

Monday, May 14, 2012

Saffron, amazing columnist

Saffron has got her own monthly column in this very cool kids magazine "Upstart". So far, she has reported from Colonia, Uruguay and from Lukang in Taiwan. Somehow, she manages to get into tricky situations even within the constraints of 500 words!

Here is the link to The Taiwan column. At the time when she wrote this piece she was trying to escape from a roaring dragon...

Victoria M Azaro

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Saffron, so quite excellent" arrives in Hamilton

Victoria in Hamilton

Diary of a writer: 2nd entry

What a delight it is to be in front of such a gorgeous group of children. This was my thought as I was preparing for my “author talk” about “Saffron, so quite excellent” at “Book for Kids” bookshop, last Monday in Hamilton.

My second thought was more like will I be able to successfully entertain these intelligent looking children?

Lucky for me Saffron has definitely gotten into an extremely tricky situation half way through the book; so it was actually quite easy to capture my audience imagination. Lots of giggles, lots of surprised faces, lots of laughter.

Laughter, when I hear laughter I know that I have been so quite excellent at entertaining my audience. And that makes me smile!!!!!!!

Thank you Judy and her team for being such wonderful hosts and for creating the most wonderful window display, the yummiest cookies and the most colourful cup cakes.

Victoria M Azaro

Welcome to my blog


Diary of a writer: 1st entry

It is my absolute pleasure to launch this blog at the same time as we are launching my third book in the “Saffron” series.  Little Saffron has had her own website for three years now, so I think its time for me to indulge and have my very own cyber space!!!!!!

Welcome to my blog

Victoria M. Azaro